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gDiapers Review and Giveaway

I first started using cloth diapers when my son was two. A little late to start but I had exhausted all my options and that is when our pediatrician suggested cloth. My son had rash after rash on his little bottom. His bottom would be raw and bleed. I had considered cloth when I first got pregnant but I only knew of the old prefolds, pins, and rubber pants. I was to afraid of the pins to give cloth a try, little did I know how modern cloth had become!

I started researching cloth diapers and came across gDiapers which is a hybrid diaper.  gDiapers combine the best of cloth diapers and disposable.  They consist of three parts: the little gPant which is a cute cloth outer shell, the washable, breathable nylon snap in liner, and the insert which can be their flushable/biodegradable, plastic-free gRefill or gCloth inserts offer a washable and reusable option.  I personally use inserts that I made myself or I use the gRefills when I am out and about.

The gPants and the liners can be used again and again until soiled.  They will usually get soiled with a poopie diaper but if it is just wet you can just insert another insert into the liner and be done.  If the liner gets soiled usually the gPant will not so gDiapers also sells extra liners so you can just unsnap the old liner and snap in a new one.  This way you are not doing tons of laundry.  You will need far less gDiapers in your diaper stash than if you use pocket diapers or all in one diapers since gDiapers can be reused.

There is a bit of a learning curve to gDiapers.  You need to get a good seal on the liner so they don’t leak.  When you put the diaper on you don’t want to pull the velcro tight, you just fasten it where it lays.  Also you want to make sure the liner is set into the underwear crease and this creates a good seal.

The Wife:  I really like gDiapers for traveling.  Since they are biodegradable I do not feel guilty throwing the inserts into the trash.  Throwing them away while we travel is far more convenient for me.  For at home we use cloth inserts that I made.  We used them for 2 trips to Disney World and they were so handy.  The gPants took up less room in our bags and although I did take 2 packages of gRefills with us since they were thrown out I had room for our souvenirs on the way home!  Another favorite thing about gDiapers is that they are slim.  So many cloth diapers you need to go up a size in clothing to account for the fluffy bottom but not with the gDiapers!

The Husband:  Hands down the best for traveling.  They worked great for us at Disney World.  They are not as good for our heavy wetter overnight but I don’t know that they were designed for that.  I like that the velcro is in the back but I do always try to put it on backwards.

The Son:  Korben is our 3 year old son and gDiapers are his favorite diapers.  They are the only diaper he will throw a fit to wear if we try to put him in a different diaper.  It happened again today just before laying him down for a nap.  Although today he did something different and he wanted to wear the gRefill.  He has never asked for that before!  Korben also likes the style “g” that is on their logo, every time he sees it somewhere else he says “look, gDiapers Mommy!”  Since Korben is 3 and still in diapers he is right at the weight limit for the large gPants, they do still fit but they are getting close to having to be retired.  The gDiapers are definitely Korben approved!


The Daughter:  Aniala is 5 months old so she can’t really express her opinion.  The gDiapers fit her well, she has a skinny waist and some chunky thighs.  For her inserts I bought some preemie chinese prefolds and folded those in there and they work perfectly!  Aniala seems very content and happy in her gDiapers and has no complaints!

The Giveaway:  One lucky reader will win a Medium (13-28 lbs) “good earth” little gPants!

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